Drinking on the Job

We thank everyone who attended the 2023 edition of DotJ, and we hope to see you again in 2024!

The committee wil be working hard to organize the next edition of the DotJ in 2024!



Do you want to get to know AI-related companies? Do you want to casually have a drink with them? Then you should join the Drinking on the Job The DotJ is a career fair, where you can meet and speeddate numerous different companies that offer jobs and internships in AI. There may also be a lot of goodies to get! For more information, keep a close eye on the CognAC social media channels and on this website!


The 2023 DotJ was attended by the following companies:

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At Aidyn, we believe that the future of education lies in the seamless integration of AI technology.
Our mission is to bring the power of AI to the forefront of education and use it to enhance the learning experience for students around the world.

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Formorrow connects talent in IT and life sciences with career opportunities. We have been doing this since 1997. First as Procam - and since 2021 as Formorrow. Everything revolves around you. Who are you, what makes you happy, how - and where - can you continue to grow? We help to shape your own future and excel as yourself. We find the employer that suits you. And that's where you build a career where you get all the space you need to become what you want.

We are here for everything you can do today. And who you can be tomorrow.

Formorrow. Grow ahead.

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SUE is a frontrunner in Cloud Native technologies and solutions. Our Cloud Native experts are pioneers and innovators in their field. They continuously delve into the latest technical advancements and eagerly pursue the most advanced certifications. Tech isn't just our profession but also our passion.

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Jorrit Geels - PHD - Radboud University

I am interested in the user experience of digital signatures. Where can digital signatures play a role? How can users make use of these signatures to add authenticity to, e.g., their documents or online posts? What do these signatures look like, do users know how to recognize or apply them, and what do users experience when they encounter a digital signature in a certain context? Can signatures increase, e.g., trust or security? During my PhD candidacy, I intend to find an answer to these kinds of questions through empirical research.
I also work at Radboud University’s new interdisciplinary research hub on security, privacy, and data governance, which is called iHub.

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The Belastingdienst, also known as the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, is a government institution in the Netherlands responsible for collecting taxes and performing various fiscal duties. With the aim of contributing to government expenditures, the Belastingdienst plays a crucial role in the Dutch tax system. Its responsibilities include tax assessment and collection, disbursing allowances, and ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations.

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IT Student Lab

Merely sitting in lecture halls isn’t, in our view, the most effective way to learn. We provide you with the opportunity to apply the knowledge you’ve gained in practical settings, allowing you to gain valuable experiences. You’ll collaborate with a team of fellow students on IT projects for exciting regional companies, establishing valuable connections for your post-graduation journey.

IT Student Lab. By students. For students.

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At Thirona we go far beyond building algorithms that improve clinical workflow efficiency for the most common pathologies. We use AI technology to also tackle rare diseases and complex conditions. We apply AI to capture the knowledge that helps speed up scientific progress in healthcare. We believe that only by collaborating with partners across the value chain we can make science reach the clinics faster and achieve a truly sustainable impact


Drinking on the Job is a yearly event organized by CognAC, the study association for Artificial Intelligence in Nijmegen. During this event, CognAC members get inspired about their future in AI and IT.

Behind all this is a small group of motivated people; the External Committee. The committee consists of:

  • Emiel Villerius (Chair)
  • Bart van Hees (Secretary)
  • Jasper van Roessel (Treasurer)
  • Chrisa Jovita
  • Fenna Rasing
  • Joanne Lijo
  • Maksymilian Tomaszewski
  • Micha Lobbezoo
  • Thijs Berende
Their aim is to narrow the gap between study and corporate, student and young professional. To achieve this goal they organise the Career Week and Drinking on the Job together with the Chief of External Affairs.
For months the committee has been enthousiastically working to give you the best networking event yet!